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A Lifetime of Experience.

Jacques Danger has been crafting eyewear for over four decades, a master craftsman specialized in using fine materials to create unique designs. Some famous, and others outright iconic, his creations have been commissioned and worn by some of France’s greatest personalities. From Jacques Chirac to Serge Gainsbourg, from the political scene, to the silver screen and concert stages, his unique eyewear has always been able to capture the imagination throughout his 47-year career.

Today, away from the limelight of France’s fashion scene, Jacques Danger and his wife Nicole have set up their workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A change of scenery motivated by a need to get closer to the source of raw materials to ensure their quality and sustainability. The pair now dedicate most of their time to the nascent fashion scene in the developing nation, collaborating with the kingdom’s premier fashion designers such as Eric Raisina and Romyda Keth.

Stylish. Bold. Unique.

Every pair of glasses is made from water buffalo horn, onto which are overlaid textured materials to create nuance and style. The buffalo horn is a luxury material in the world of eyewear, prized for its hypoallergenic properties, durability, and aesthetic grain. In Asia, it is an often-unused byproduct of the water buffalo trade. Sustainability here comes in the form of craftsmanship in making the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Jacques and his wife are both facial stylists who have expertise in making their bespoke eyewear fit to the lines of one’s face. Their collections are comprised of unique designs displayed by skillfully tinted lens, gilded skins, or their signature offset arms. No two pairs of eyewear are ever the same, due to the organic nature of the materials’ physical differences.

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