“True luxury is not packaged and mass produced. True luxury is art, made with passion and patience. We pride ourselves in doing just that; making some of the most unique eyewear in the world.”

- Jacques Danger -


Water Buffalo Horn

Natural horn is one of the oldest frame materials in the world, it is a luxury item due to the time and craftsmanship involved in its transformation.

The unparalleled grain and hues speak for themselves; the multitude of horn shades and patterns make each piece unique. The material is known for its hypoallergenic and insulating properties; it is also lighter and far more durable than a plastic frame. To be as close as possible to this raw material, the couple settled in Cambodia. Here, these animals are raised respectfully roaming freely in the heart of the countryside. In this cycle, the buffalo horn is a non-recycled material that the couple wanted to revalue.

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Sustainable Skins

Galuchat, Salmon, and Nile Tilapia are some ofthe sustainably sourced and expertly transformed skins used to sublime piecesof eyewear.

The use of Shagreen ray leather of “Galuchat” wasa fashion amongst the French aristocracy that migrated throughout Europe by themid-18th century. A skin with which the craftsman must work meticulously top reserve the nobility of the leather, covered of glittering pearls. Salmon,Nile Tilapia and other fish leathers are making a comeback as a sustainable alternative to certain reptile skins. Consistent with the principles of sustainability Jacques Danger uses skins from sustainable and low-impact sources.


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Claude Nougaro

- French Singer & Songwriter -

'' Cher Jacques, oui j'ai envie de vous appeler d'emblé par votre prénom pour vous remercier de votre geste si généreusement amical.
Votre Claude ''

Luxury designer glasses

Eva N'Guyen

- French Ambassador to Cambodia -

'' J'apprécie la finesse de Jacques, son expertise et sa créativité. Chaque création est une oeuvre, son travail remarquable et c'est un artiste qui sait se renouveler. ''

Luxury designer glasses

Michel Serrault

- French Actor -

'' Merci pour ces belles lunettes et ce beau travail, je verrais mieux avec ! ''

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We are currently working on a Up-cycling Plastic Collection and Fluorescent Collection. We also create Tailor Made Eyewear, imagine and create THE ONE for you.


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